We have complied a list of frequently asked questions from our amazing fans,
if you still have doubts please do drop us a line we love hearing from you.

Q. How do i turn on KANGAROO LIGHT on?
Press the small button located near the usb port for a minimum of 2 seconds.

Q. How do i connect the KANGAROO LIGHT to my iPhone?
Download the app from the App Store. Open the app on your phone. Once opened, turn on KANGAROO LIGHT following the step above. After a few seconds, the app status will read “Connected”, tap screen and enjoy.

Q.  How do i connect the KANGAROO LIGHT to my android?
Download the app from the Google Play Store.  Follow the steps above.

Q. I cannot connect, what do i do?
If no connection is established after a few seconds, turn KANGAROO LIGHT off and then back on again with the app open.

Ensure you are paired correctly, occasionally KANGAROO LIGHT may pair to another device, or another KANGAROO LIGHT is paired to your phone. If this happens, open the app (even with noWIFI connection) and press the signal icon on the top right of the screen. Select “ Delete KangarooLight pairing?” and click “yes”. Close the app and try connecting again.

Q. How do i create a light mode?
Select the + preset on the screen, and a name, settings, new image and you are done!

Q. How do i erase a preset?
Click + on the selected preset and select the erase icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Q. What settings can i adjust on the KANGAROO LIGHT?
You can adjust light intensity, and pulse speed.

Q. Is there any SDK for me to create new apps for the lamp?
We love this question…and are working on it!

Q. How do i turn KANGAROO LIGHT “off”? (using the app, from the lamp)
There are two ways of switching your KANGAROO LIGHT off:

  • Via the device: hold the button for minimum 2 seconds.
  • Via the app: select a preset, and click on it a second time. The lamp should be turned off after 2 seconds.

Q. I have two KANGAROO LIGHTS, and cannot connect to the second one. (or two phones)
Follow the same instructions as if you cannot connect. Unpair the phone and the KANGAROO LIGHT, and start the connection process with the selected phone/KANGAROO LIGHT.


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